The rules have changed this year.
Votes do not determine the winners.
Votes get you to the final judging round.
The 10 most voted costumes for each category will move on to the judging round.
The judges at Forest City Surplus will determine the winners

To enter the contest:
Come to Forest City Surplus with your costume.
We will photograph and add you to our online voting competition (we may publish your picture and first name only).
Once you are entered, your costume will appear on this page.
When voting begins (12:00 AM, Sunday Oct 23, 2016), Google Plus and Facebook like links will appear by your picture for voting.
Voting will end at 11:59 PM, Thursday Nov 3, 2016 and the winners will be announced on Sunday Nov 6, 2016

Costume Entries: Adult Costumes 2016

Pirate Captain Finn

Pirate Captain

Pyromancer William

Sam Moray the Swashbuckler

Flapper Girl


Bird Bath


Butcher Mishap

Donald Trump Hilary Clinton And Melania Trump Blow Up Doll

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Guardian of the Forest

Chip Rollins Zombie

Kassie Ann Woods Zombie

Gizmo Duck (DuckTales)

Queen of Hearts

Costume Entries: Children Costumes 2016



Kitty Cat

Cave Girl


Bubble Bee Honey Bee

Wonder Woman


Joker from the Dark Knight

Teddy Bear Piggyback Ride

Killer Clown

Police Officer Jack Jack

Cousin It (Adams Family)

Purple Butterfly

Bonnie (FNaF)

Baby Abduction

Chase (Paw Patrol)